SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card

The SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards represent a high-performance and reliable storage solution designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Renowned for their robust build and cutting-edge technology, these SD cards offer fast read and write speeds, making them ideal for capturing high-resolution photos and 4K videos. With capacities ranging from 32GB to 1TB, the Extreme Pro series ensures ample storage for demanding applications. The cards are equipped with V30 and UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) ratings, guaranteeing smooth 4K video recording and swift data transfers. Their durability, advanced error correction, and resistance to water, shock, and X-rays make SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards a trusted choice for users seeking high-performance and resilient storage solutions in demanding environments.

Data deletion on SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards can occur due to accidental deletions, formatting errors, or unintentional actions. Understanding the circumstances surrounding the data loss is crucial for determining the most effective recovery approach.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card

Our data recovery experts employ sophisticated techniques tailored to the specific features of SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards:

  • File System Reconstruction: Utilizing advanced algorithms, we can reconstruct the file system to recover deleted files, ensuring minimal data loss.
  • Hexadecimal Analysis: In cases where file system information is partially overwritten, our experts delve into hexadecimal analysis to extract fragments of data, reconstructing files through meticulous examination.

Preventive Measures and Recommendations

Offering expert advice on preventive measures to minimize the risk of future data loss, including regular backups, utilizing write-protect features, and employing reputable antivirus software to prevent accidental data deletion due to malware.

Case Log

29 Jan 2024 - Full scan of SD card. Saved raw results of scan to spare hard drive.