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MacBook Pro 2019 A2141 Data Recovery

The 2019 macbook pro has a non removable SSD drive. Data recovery can't be accomplished using traditional methods of removing the drive. Zero Alpha data recovery has proprietory techniques to recover data from the A2141 Macbook.

apple macbook pro 2019 a2141 data recovery

Customer notes:

This Macbook Pro was taken to Apple where it was diagnosed with logic board issues. The inside of the logic board was covered in fibres.

The board showed 5 volts on the charger.

macbook pro 2019 data recover a2141

A2141 Macbook Pro 2019

PP3V3_G3H_RTC_X was 3.3 volts but charger indicated 5 volts. Removed faulty UA900 Chip which provides power for GPU circuits. Charger returned to 20 volts but GPU lines are all dead.

data recovery from apple macbook pro 2019 16" 820-01700

TPS62180 SSD & PP3V3_G3H power chip U9580/U9080/U6960/U6903/UA900/UG800 Chips are all the same. 

a2141 logic board data recovery

Coke spilled into 2019 Macbook Pro 16 inch

This macbook had been to a computer store who could not solve it. Laptop was unopened. Upon inspection it was obvious that liquid had spilt through this laptop and was covered in brown sticky fluid top and bottom of the logic board.

Test results were 5v on charge port. PPVCCIO_S0_CPU short to ground. This circuit was effected by the liquid damage. CPU was dead. No smd were found to cause this issue. No other circuits detected as failed.

coke spilled into 2019 macbook pro 16 inch. No power on data recovery

2019 MacBook A2141 with 5 volt problem

USB-C MacBooks get charged through their USB-C ports, using USB-C PD standard which allows to deliver high power through a USB-C connector by raising the voltage higher than the regular 5 volts we've been used to on legacy USB ports. This requires a handshake between the laptop and the charger through a dedicated data bus, so that the charger can tell the laptop what its capabilities are, and so the laptop can then request a higher voltage

apple macbook pro 2019 a2141 5 volt problem data recovery

macbook a2141 data recovery cd3217b12 usb c 5 volt problem

The chip responsible for charging on this laptop is the CD3217B12

A common symptom of a faulty CD3217B12 is 5V charge instead of 20v. In most cases you’ll have to replace both chips on the board and not just one.

17Jan24 - The 5 volt problem was solved. PPBUS_G3H was short circuited. We were able to inject 1 ~ 2 watts of current into F7000. This found a short circuit on C9573. Removing this capacitor cleared the main power short and the charger immediately detected 20v on the USB-C charger. However the battery had been drained to 0.2volts.

apple macbook 2019 a2141 ppbus g3h short circuit caused by c9573 data recovery