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We get data back from Macbook failures
Apple logo bootloop
A folder with a flashing question mark
Macbook Wont turn on
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Failed after update
Water damaged iPhone
Apple logo boot loop
iPhone wont turn on
ipad data recovery


Wont turn on
Apple logo boot loop
Can't unlock
Physically damaged
imac data recovery


Wont start up
Folder with question mark on boot
Deleted data recovery
Drive failure
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Mac Pro

Drive failure
Boot or startup issues
Deleted or lost data
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Mac Mini

Wont turn on
SSD failure
Physically damaged
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Recovering Apple Notes from NoteStore.sqlite

The NoteStore.sqlite file can usually be found in the ~/Library/Group Containers/ directory.

The contents of this database file can be parsed and exported with this tool.

As listed in the projects readme, the tool can be run in a docker container. The following command can be used to process a NoteStore.sqlite file in the current working directory:

docker run --rm -v "%cd%":/data:ro -v "%cd%"/output:/app/output -f /data/NoteStore.sqlite --one-output-folder

The most useful output for us is the html format, which lists all of the notes and their contents in a single html file.